Starbucks has released a second red Christmas cup – and the reason is heartwarming

STARBUCKS is launching a second Christmas cup this year and it’s for a good reason.

The coffee company will unveil a new holiday cup tomorrow (Wednesday November 29) to commemorate its charity work.

Nothing used marks the countdown to Christmas quite like Starbucks’ iconic red cups, whose design generated much excitement every year.

But Starbucks caused controversy in the past few years for changing their bright colour, with customers arguing they no longer look festive.

So they’ll be happy to know the new limited-time holiday cup is red all over with a white heart framed by two hands coming together.

Customers will be invited to write the name of a loved one in the heart.

The illustration is a spin-off from the first holiday cup unveiled on 1 November

As part of the Cheer for Good initiative, Starbucks will grant £150,000 to 210 local charities that sit at the heart of the communities that the company serves.

 The new version has a white heart framed by two hands coming together.
The new version has a white heart framed by two hands coming together.
New red cup design launches on 29 November, marking the start of Cheer for Good and celebrating giving back to communities

“The charities taking part in Cheer for Good this Christmas are close to our hearts and the whole company is about to get its cheer on and raise some serious noise for these great causes,” Mr Redfern added.

To support your favourite charity all you’ll need to do is to “cheer” on Twitter using the hashtag #CheerforGood with the charity’s handle, from 29 November until midnight on 20 December 2017.

All charities will receive a £500 grant from Starbucks and the 30 charities whose supporters cheer the loudest (the ones that are the most tweeted about) will get a £2,000 grant.

Participating organisations include Lupus UK, B-EAT, Macmillan, We Love MCR, Action for Children, Alzheimer’s Society as well as many more local charities.

Simon Redfern, from Starbucks said that this Christmas the company wants to help raise the profile of some of the UK’s small charities who do vital work in their local neighbourhoods.