What are the best ways to keep up with fintech upgrades?

Honestly, a day passes without seeing a new business article or blog post on digitalised publications. Blockbuster is no longer Taxis and other ride-hailing services are battling. Furthermore, hotels are losing clients to those who constantly rent rooms in the home of others. The companies in the market get upset with advanced innovation, technology and highly incented groups and new investment. There are very few companies where CEOs don’t live in fear of advanced technologies.

A huge investments in fintech are bringing a wave of new organizations rethinking everything from payments and cash management to plan the finance. Few analysis results, Fintech interruption could take as much as 10% to 40% of bank revenue and eliminate 1.7 million bank jobs by 2025.

So here are some tips to stay updated on market especially in fintech.


Flexible Platform

Many fintechs plan their business models around a platform with the aim of entering the market as soon as possible without an idea for future improvement.

While this situation may save money and time for the time being, it could bring major issues for future development.

By building your fintech on a multi-functional platform, you will be able to give extra features later on. Current, and future, customers will have the capacity to access the features. For example, account management, though a single use platform may require extra development and potential issues.


Regulatory Trends

Upcoming financial orders including the fourth money-laundering directive (MLD4) and the second payment services directive (PSD2), and in addition general business controls like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), indicate how rapidly fintech’s have to react to the constantly changing regulatory field.

So as to safely scale your fintech you have to keep up with the latest trends in the business, so you can respond fast to them.

While most directions have a critical time period amongst agreement and usage, the quicker you respond the longer you remain in front of the competition.


Comprehend Your Strengths and Acknowledge Weaknesses

With such huge number of sectors making up the fintech space, it is important that you comprehend where your qualities and weaknesses lie on.

If the main skills or abilities lie in one of these sectors, don’t try to save money by altering other technologies. You are best to outsource or work with other fintech firms to enhance your offering.

For instance, if your skill is in customer support and customer’s experience, it’s reasonable that designing and building an account managing stage to work with your card will overstretch your resources and skill. In this, purchasing a proven account managing stage gives the stability required to scale, and decrease the time you have to go to the market or brick and mortar stores.