Three local vendors team up with foodpanda Brunei

THREE local vendors from Pasar Pelbagai Barangan Gadong (PPBG) have teamed up with foodpanda Brunei.

The three vendors and foodpanda Brunei signed an agreement yesterday with the aim of increasing sales and improving the comfort and ease of those who want their food delivered.

According to a press release from DARe (Darussalam Enterprise), as a first phase, the vendors joining the initiative are Marvelous Takoyaki, C Boboy Burger and Master Char Kway Teow.

“Moving forward this is only the first phase of vendors joining in this initiative, and PPBG hopes to encourage more of our local vendors to use foodpanda Brunei’s platform to spread their food across Brunei-Muara,” according to the press release.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Erwanshah bin Haji Habolashah from Master Char Kway Teow said through this initiative, he hopes that his business will develop and be successful, and that being a vendor on the foodpanda platform will help increase awareness about their business.

Meanwhile, Norhani binti Haji Damit from Marvelous Takoyaki shared that she joined the initiative to gain experience and to enable a delivery service for her customers.

She hoped that through this initiative, it will develop her business, expand sales revenue and fulfil customers’ requests.

Awangku Md Adi Bul Azim bin Pengiran Haji Amar Dani from C Boboy Burger, said he hoped to expand his business and get more income. He highlighted that through this initiative it is easier for people at home to buy his food, as they can just order delivery.

Nabil bin Ibrahim, the Sales and Marketing Manager of foodpanda Brunei shared that this initiative of signing an agreement with vendors from PPBG began following a discussion with DARe.

He added that they are looking to bring in more vendors to their platform, as well as home-based businesses.