How to Isolate Your E-Commerce from System Hack?

Cyber attacks happened so frequently. Just recently, the world is attacked by WannaCry ransomware which affects the government of many developed countries especially US, UK, Spain and Russia. They ask for a lot of money as an exchange to their account. They demanded bitcoin, and bitcoin transaction is hard to trace. That is the reason behind why all the transactions  

Protecting our data has become our priority right now. Here are some steps that we can do, as a normal person, to protect the data.

  1. Protect all of your information

First of all, please protect your confidential information. Do not easily give your data to someone that you are not really close with, let alone someone who you just met in the social media. Your mom’s name and your birthday is an important data that you have to keep safe, as many individual used mom’s name to recover your lost password. Never forget your password. Same goes to your company’s data. As a loyal worker, never let someone outside your company to know anything confidential about your company. Always having programmers to check the security and check those data so that the data won’t get stolen.

  1. Protect your system

It would be a chaos if the valuable data goes to the wrong hand. The hackers may do anything immoral to make sure your company goes into nothing if you refuse to make a deal with them. They are not hesitant to sell all the information to your rival within higher amount as your rival really wants to know what is your business’ next plan. Always check your official email used by your business from spamming link. Make sure no one in your company click on the suspicious link that some unverified or unnamed organizations sent. From that link, cybercriminals can get all your information about the company easily. Use some powerful antivirus system and educate your people about the harm that the hackers can cause.

  1. Have tricky password for all

If Facebook and Twitter ask you for a tricky password, why don’t you do the same for all the accounts that you have? No matter it is for fun, such as register for a game, you still use your personal data when you are entering your email. Maybe there are a lot out there think that, “Oh it is nothing. It is just a game.”

When you give out your email, it means that you are exposing your life to be hacked. Do have tricky password. Tricky password are hard to crack and it takes a lot of time before hackers can successfully take your account down. Once they could break the password, it is a game over. They are going to threaten you by asking a lot of money or they will spread your pictures and videos into some immoral websites.

By taking care of our accounts from getting hacked, we can avoid the unwanted thing that may happen to us. It is so important to us to take off our account as our account reveals who we are in the online world. Maybe in the real world, no one knows us, but in the online world, anything can happen within a second.