Is E-commerce Suitable for Your Existing Business?


Ever since the introduction of internet, consumers never have to go to the store anymore. Instead, they can order and make payment for the goods via online and delivered to their home. This is called e-commerce, where merchant and consumer buy and sell without any physical presence or transaction. Since we are now in 2018,  your mind might have already set venture into e-commerce, changing your offline business to online because everyone else is doing it. Well, if you do, you must first evaluate your business.


  1. Can you explain your product or service?

Of course, explaining your products and services is an easy matter.  However, online environment is different than offline. Imagine that you are trying to sell something that can’t be touch or see literally, how are you going to convince your potential customer? The fact that you need to be convincing and backed by information, you also need to be creative. Putting an informative description on your website about the product allows your customer to gain information about the product characteristics, price or material. The addition of creativity as a bonus is to capture customer attention

Do note that this is crucial, information plays a very vital part in e-commerce. Without proper information, customer would not even bother to check your products and just leave your website. So before anything, check whether you can explain your product well or not. There’s not point selling something you can’t show and at the same time can’t explain.


  1. Can your customers pay?

This a very important question you need to ask yourself, can your customer pay you and how are they going to pay? As an online business owner, you need to decide what payment method you are going to provide. Here is where e-payment role comes to life. Venturing to e-commerce means that you are going to reach more potential customers. Thus, some of your customer might somewhere far from your store and it is inconvenient for them to come to your store just for the sake of paying.

So you need to seek a payment method like e-payment. E-payment will ease and assist you in payment. This is one of the basic demands and requirements that you need to fulfil. Keep in mind that one payment method is not enough unless it has multiple features because there are some customers that prefer offline payment methods such as cash and virtual account.

Particularly customers in Southeast Asia, they are known for using cash a lot in any payment processes. E-payment is considered as second option and usually for the people who lives in a city.


  1. Is your product or service unique or special compared to others?

Often the key to success in  online business is the uniqueness and speciality of product or service you offer. A unique product or service attributes are good for offline and online business because it create difficulties for your rival and competitor to copy. Online business is a cruel world, competitors without shame will copy your product just for the sake of competing and profit. By making it unique, you are denying your competitor the chance to copy it.

Differentiated capabilities of a product or service will affect customer decision. One can easily choose another product for its unique feature or specialities. That is the norm of the world. Comparisons are often made by customer in order to choose the best. Every difference counts because it’s their money that will be spent for your product/service. So, to them, every cent counts.

Comparisons are usually focused on the quality of the product/service, the price, the shape of the product, and features. If your product lacks the quality, then you should focus on your price. But good product and service are both high in quality and price. You can also add shipping method as a unique feature for your business such as free shipping.