How to manage a successful e-commerce business

For years to come, the word e-commerce will be everywhere without you searching. Due to its positive trajectory and rapid growth, everyone seems interested to venture into this online-based business.

Sure enough, most first-time entrepreneurs want to know the big secret to running a successful e-commerce business. While many suggested different ideas on doing that, the truth is, it is not much difference than running a physical commerce.


Similar but not the same

Although how to run both commerce are similar, they actually it is not the same. So, how do you run a successful e-commerce business?


  1. Do your research

Great business ideas easily fail if they are not supported by great execution. A successful e-commerce business starts with preparation first. You first need to venture into research phase such as knowing your market, your customer and your competition.

These three factors will determine what you want to sell, at what price and what strategy you are going to use.

During your research, include these questions too:

  • What tactic are other established brands using to catch new customers?
  • What are the differences between my products and the competitor’s?
  • How should I promote my product

It is good to question how you are going to run the business but be careful not to doubt your business. There is a very thin line between questioning to improve and questioning that lead to self-doubt.

But keep in mind, the answers to those question are very crucial in building your e-commerce business. It will help you to improve and thrive.


  1. Treat it like it is a real business

Technically, an online business is a real business. Even with the absent of a real physical store, your e-commerce must be treated equally like it exists for anyone to come and be welcomed.

If you run it as a hobby or even worse, as a killing-time activity, your business will not achieve success let alone lasting long enough to make profit.

The essences of a business involves:

  • An organization or economic system
  • Goods and services
  • Exchanging goods and services for one another or for money

These are the essences of a business and regardless its nature or even the absence of any other characteristics, your online business is a real business. It deserve the same amount of focus, dedication and undivided care from you.


  1. Customer is your brand ambassador

Nothing beats the thrill of knowing that your customer are satisfied with your product and service. A happy customer means a happy business and it will create a chain that leads to another thing which is free marketing. How? A happy customer often attracts other customers through testimonies.

Whether you notice it or not, testimonials affect customers’ decision making. Their dependency on other customer’s experience, respond and view is what makes them both special and unpredictable.

Hence, attending to your customers’ need and want can help you run a successful e-commerce business. Not to mention, the free advertisements that you will gain, generated by your own customers.


  1. Do your homework on software

For online business owners like yourself, running your business without proper software is an invitation for disaster.

Not to crush your hopes or your dreams, but in online world, software is the backbone for everything. The reliability of anything towards software is so enormous that anything related to online must have at least several softwares backing it up.

Security, management, accounting, and even graphic, you name it, everything is software backed up. So, for your business? No exception. First and foremost is of course, security. Without security, your website is exposed to any attacks and your customers are not safe too.

You can replace money but if their data got stolen, that would most likely results an endless terror form multiple sides. Because, in online world, information are worth a lot more than money.

Despite the variety of softwares, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. True enough that the expensive ones are those with the qualities but that does not mean it is suitable for your website. Sometimes, the cheaper one can be more useful and suitable.

So before you buy or subscribe to any softwares, be sure to do you research first.