How to make your business feel more attractive?

Customers always come and go. According to PwC in Total Retail Survey 2016 report, South-East Asian consumers are relatively new to the online marketplace, with nearly three-fifths of respondents in Malaysia reported buying online only within the last three years.  It does not surprise us because based on the report by in 2017, 68 percent of the population in Malaysia are active internet users. They also predict that in this year, another five million will go online.

The report stated that, Malaysia boosts 15.3 million online shoppers (50 percent of the population) and 62 percent of mobile users use their devices to shop online. Therefore, it is an advantage to your business to increase your customers and make them stay with your business with several ways.


Keep your website content fresh

Fresh and informative content is one of the main elements that pull in new visitors and potential customers. Keep your content fresh by publishing a blog that reports the latest business news, key-takeaways from whitepapers and hot topics within your industry. People always want to know new topic everyday. Fresh contents will also help your website to be found on search engines.


Increase your customer by asking for opinions

Before a web visitor leaves your website, request them to complete a short survey related to your business. People are happy to express themselves and often enjoy telling you about their online and offline experiences. From the survey, you can improve your business in many expect such as web arrangement, payment option and many other. It gives an opportunity to your customer to voice out any complain or recommendation to your business. An example of survey web link that gives free service to your company is Survey Monkey.


Simplify customers’ payment with multiple of payment option

It’s not a problem to people who have online banking but its problem to people who does not have online banking. Base on the report by majority of user which is 54 percent prefer to use online transfer. Customer with no online banking will find that as barrier for them to shop online.


Reward your customers

Customers will be very happy if they get rewarded when they shop with you. When they get rewarded for every purchase, the motivation to collect the point will come along if you have bigger rewards to offer when they reach certain level. Your business can apply for any loyalty programs. It can be one of your most beneficial retailing and marketing tactics, and will not only help increase sales, but also help develop a brand image for yourself. You will not look like you are after their money, but you will look like you are building a community instead.


Smooth courier service

It’s important to make sure your parcel is safely delivered to your customers in a good condition and on-time. Customers will give a bad look to your company if the parcel is delivered later than expected. The worst case is definitely missing parcels. There are some improvements in the courier services provided today. While parcel lockers are a hit in many countries like Taiwan, this is something that more countries should provide as well, considering that e-commerce space is getting bigger for logistics to cater each and every delivery.