Is Google My Business a Must for Your Business Growth?

We know in this fast forward world, everything can be found out from the gadgets in hands from everywhere. The more your brand and name of your business are being crossed by the internet user, the quicker your growth will be. Especially, to companies that has physical store or office, Google My Business account is a must to send alert to their presence online! You may create your Google My Business account for free at and follow the guides provided to get started.  Update your account by starting with your company’s name, location and product details. Add more pictures and details like contact information, operating hours and all of your office or outlet locations if you have other branches.


Why is it a must?

  • To track your business

The important business info including your location will likewise show up on Google Maps. This implies your shop, office or stockroom will be obvious and visible on maps which could be beneficial in terms of attracting in new customers, and in addition giving Google a thorough information of the whereabouts of your business. For instance, if a customer uses a gadget to locate your business on maps, the map will directly show up your location and navigates it.


  • Act as another communication channel

By creating a My Business profile, you’ll be opening up another new communication channel to interact and promote you to your target market. As Google is completely dedicated to the portable gadgets, your posts will be as simple to access on cell phones and tablets as they are on desktops. The users will see the same data even when switching the gadgets, conveying a reliable experience before they even get to your site. Yes, this is in Google, but it is something which we’ll get to in the blink of an eye. Also, it’s somewhere that you can offer your product even when you are offline. Through your new business profile, your clients can likewise leave reviews and write their own particular recommendation or opinions about your offerings. By reading and responding to their reviews and post photos show back to them helps to grow loyalty and trust to your business.


  • Grow your business

It is said that most of the people who searched for businesses on Google, is visited the place as well after know their presence. Moreover, it is very easy to keep your profile up to date with posts, pictures and update changing of locations and contact numbers. There wouldn’t be a way to complain that customers missed out your new location updates and will be directed to the right location by maps. No chance of missing your customers and provides more knowledge for customers about your business, so this will make it easy for you to explain since they will approach by knowing that your business can satisfy their needs. You can even get number of calls to the contact number you provided for customers to ask and it is easy for you to be prepared and organized by not losing any customers and provide an excellent services to them. My Business will keep you on track and focused.