How to Be an Entrepreneur Who Can Change the World?

More than 400 million people in the world are entrepreneurs. But are they really eligible to be called an entrepreneur? Can they change the world? The best entrepreneur is the one who are able to change the world with their potential, ability, creativity, uniqueness and others. Many entrepreneurs nowadays are successful with their business. In 2017, Entrepreneur have listed 50 inspirational entrepreneurs such as Anthony Smith, the founder of Insight, Ekta Sahasi, the vice president of the US Business Innovation Center (BIC) for Minolta and  Zak Westphal, the founder and CEO of

How to be an entrepreneur who can change the world? Here are some tips for entrepreneurs out there.

Understand your customers

First of all, as an entrepreneur, you should be more understanding in your customers. This is because once you understand your customers, you will be able to change the world which means, you are already different from other typical entrepreneurs in the world. Do not provide products or services that you like only, if so you will not gain any profits or you can’t change the world. Here are 10 things that entrepreneur need to know about their customers, which are:

  1.    Who they are
  2.    What they do
  3.    Why they buy
  4.    When they buy
  5.    How they buy
  6.    How much money they have
  7.    What makes them feel good about buying
  8.    What they expect of you
  9.    What they think about you
  10.  What they think about your competitors

Understand the value of your products

Understand the value of your products is the second important tip for an entrepreneur to help change the world. People nowadays seek for the value of the products or services. If there is no value in them, they might not buy them. The value of a product can be defined as the value from an individual desire to retain a product. Once an entrepreneur understands the value of your products, you can provide the products and services that are valuable in the eyes of the customers.

Understand the potential of your products

Understand the potential of your products is the next way for entrepreneurs to use in order to change the world. As an entrepreneur, you should know your products as well. You need to know your product as in the capability of the product in competing with other competitor. If you already know your potential of your products, you can launch it and make sure your products attract the public.


To conclude, the best an entrepreneur can change the world with the ability that they have, with creativity that they have and with the potential that the entrepreneurs have. An entrepreneur needs to be different from other people or other entrepreneurs in which differences show uniqueness and that small pinch of uniqueness might help in changing the world we are living.