Crucial Challenges Faced By The New E-Commerce Business And The Solutions

New e-commerce business might face many challenges in order to start their business. It can be pressuring for both the biggest or smallest e-commerce companies in which it is hard to find investors and many others. E-commerce is not the chosen business for the past few years, but now it was like a race between each business. They try to have e-commerce website because now they see better future and development of e-commerce. Here are some of the crucial challenges that the new e-commerce business needs to face.


Lack of Trust from Customers on Your Website

First thing first, the lack of trust from customers on your websites is very crucial for new e-commerce business. Even if you have the best designer to design your websites, have the best team in the marketing department to market your website to people, it is not a ticket for customers to believe and trust in  your website. No trust, no sales.

The solutions for this crucial challenges is the new e-commerce business, you should not only focus on the design of the website and how you market the website. First, you should display your store’s physical address and telephone number. In addition, list your name and picture of the CEO and the workers that control the website. You also might put customer testimonials at your website to gain trust from the potential customers.


Work Hard On Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to digital business players. From SEO, people will know your business, your websites and you will gain more customers. SEO helps a lot in e-commerce business. It is just like a Digital War in which you need to compete with other biggest e-commerce companies, small e-commerce companies, and also new e-commerce business just like you. SEO is not something easy like Search Engine Marketing (SEM) where the business need to pay to get to the top of the search engine.

In order to solve this problem, your e-commerce business needs work hard on SEO. You should post attractive article, post an attractive design, products and many other that can attract customers. You also may include product review for each of your products. You should talk a lot about your business, so your business will be on top of the Google page once the customers reach the keywords that you use.


Your Website Will Be Hacked

Remember, if you are an e-commerce business player, you are dealing with the digital platform. At any digital platform, there is a high risk of hacking activity. Your e-commerce website will be hacked with someone irresponsible. Even though you are the biggest or a new start-up e-commerce business, you will experience a security breach at some point. Generally speaking, it is dangerous for your business. They might hack your website, and all your company information will be taken. Same goes with your customer’s personal details.

In order to solve it, you can change your password frequently as you would prefer and change the location database. The most important thing is, find a trusted software security to protect your system from hacking or cyber theft.


Method of Payments and Transaction

Method of payments and transactions are also very challenging for new e-commerce business. You should choose the best payment gateway or payment method to serve your customers. There are many companies that serve the best payment gateway software for e-commerce business. You should also consider the security of the payment gateway that your company use, and the fees if you want to use their services.

The best solution is you should find the payment gateway that provide many services such as online banking, mobile payment and others. You also should find payment gateway that has extra services compared to other payment gateways, so that people would find it easy to pay on your website.



As a new e-commerce business, you should be more aware on these crucial challenges and let the beginning of your business be the momentum in your future business achievement. As you have already look at the challenges above, try to be aware as much as possible.