New business or new startup in the industry of every country must do some checklists regarding on what they need to do and what they do not have to do. It’s very important for them to know all these things. You as businesses need to focus more in order to sustain in the business industry from the checklist.  New business or new startup needs to know which business strategies are suitable for their business. This is because of, if you use the right strategy, you will gain profit and sustain but if you use the wrong strategy, you will lose and will not sustain in the industry. So here are the four things to measure in your new business strategy:

Customer Care

Customer care or customer service nowadays are the top important thing that business needs to apply. Because customers nowadays seek for customer care or services to do some complaints, suggestion, and others. A new business really needs to provide this customer care for customers. It is very difficult for customers to see and discuss with the company if there is any problem if there is . So Customer care is one the ways as representative of the business itself. Of course, by having customer care or services, you will get the benefits from it.

Frequency of the marketing activity

Frequency of the marketing. As a new business, you need to know on how frequent you should advertise your business to the customers. If you always advertise your company and products, chances are the customers will ignore it because of too many products that they have to go through. So, you need to know how many times per day or per week you should advertise your company and products in order not to make it .

Effectiveness of the marketing strategy

Effectiveness of the marketing strategy is also very important. You should know whether your previous marketing plan is working or not. You need to focus on your target market, how you want to market your products and compete with existing or the uprising business just like yours. If you have a good plan on marketing strategy, you are able to reach your business’ objectives. Here is what the 30 experts have to reveal their ways to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

Marketing budget

Last but not least is the marketing budget. Marketing budget can be defined as the cost on how your company is doing the marketing activities such as promotion, advertising and others. Even though you are a new business or a startup, you need to know this marketing budget. Marketing budget is a very crucial part. You need to manage your marketing budget for your business, so that the effectiveness will align with the marketing expenditure. Here are some tips that will be beneficial for new business or startups. Click here!


To conclude, all these four things are very important to new businesses and startups. If you do not focus on these four things, you might not be able to survive in this market competition. So, you have to fully master on those four things listed above.